Posts from November 2017

Webmention test post

Once again I need to test whether lazymention - and more importantly, the underlying libraries (node-send-webmention and node-get-webmention-url) - complies with the W3C spec. I'll be using, so, here's a large list of links:

Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Test 4, Test 5, Test 6, Test 7, Test 8, Test 9, Test 10, Test 11, Test 12, Test 13, Test 14, Test 15, Test 16, Test 17, Test 18, Test 19, Test 20, Test 21, Test 22, Test 23

Hopefully it works \o/

filter-other-days is portable to FreeBSD

I'm pleased to announce filter-other-days 1.0.1. This is a bugfix release primarily improving portability to other Unix-like operating systems; in particular, the test suite now fully passes under FreeBSD. Specifically:

  • Various portability bugs in the test suite itself were fixed - the test suite no longer relies on a GNU date (with GNU date -d semantics) or a fully-functional /dev/fd (the fallback option is named pipes), and it doesn't hardcode bash's install path as /bin/bash
  • Some non-portable uses of echo "\n" which break under BSD systems were replaced with printf invocations
  • Travis CI now checks filter-other-days with Debian's checkbashisms script, which is run in strict mode
  • Non-portable uses of test's -o option were caught by checkbashisms and replaced with ||

With these changes I expect that filter-other-days will probably run on all major BSD distributions. I intend to confirm this hypothesis soon and have filed bugs for OpenBSD and NetBSD, plus illumos just for kicks.

As with 1.0.0, you can clone filter-other-days from GitHub or you can download a (signed) tarball. Please do report any bugs you find in the release.