Heyo, I'm AJ Jordan, sometimes known as Alex. I'm 20, live in Washington, and cofounded Nightlight Web with my buddy Jackson. Love that guy.

Q: Shut up about yourself, do you have anything interesting to show me?

A: Yes! Take a look at the projects page.

Note: this section is specifically aimed towards those of you who will think about accusing me of not having real content, and will make a remark about retiring to Aruba tomorrow with a bevy of supermodels.

Passions of mine

I seriously love code. I primarily prefer to write projects in JavaScript, and consider myself pretty good at it. I'm a hardcore Unix fan and use the commandline for virtually everything, to the point where instead of using a graphical file manager, I generally use GNU coreutils (stuff like ls, mv, cp, etc.).

Along with a bunch of coding projects that I work on, I also do a lot of system administration work. I selfhost virtually every major online service I use, and I'm also interested in the userops movement as a way to empower less technically-inclined people to do the same. In a similar vein, I'm extremely interested in federated networks and spend a large portion of my free time contributing to in particular.

This is probably obvious by now, but I'm a vocal supporter of digital freedom. I'm strongly opposed to things like SOPA, DRM, and Restricted Boot. I'm also a proud GNU, *nix, and freedom-respecting software heretic.

Finally, I very much enjoy dance, photography (I prefer traditional black and white film), and poetry.

Stuff I want to learn

Like I said, I love code. So here's an incomplete, unorganized list of technologies that I want to learn:

  • Plan 9-style C
  • Rust
  • Haskell
  • Common Lisp
  • Pony
  • Limbo
  • Perl
  • Smalltalk
  • x86 assembly

...and also some technologies that I'm vaguely interested in learning at some point:

  • Vala (and associated technologies)
  • GTK+
  • Crystal
  • Scheme
  • PHP - basically so I can contribute to existing projects using it.

...and also some technologies that I've learned to varying degrees but want to learn more of:

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript - I know these fairly well, but I could improve. (Also, as an aside, this site is deliberately bare-bones, because I like that style and not because I can't do better.)
  • node.js
  • POSIX sh
  • C
  • Java, mostly for Android development
  • Python
  • DebHelper
  • ELisp
  • Brainfuck


To run my selfhosted stuff, I run a server called steevie. steevie is supposed to be a traditional UNIX server (in addition to his duties as a server server), which isn't really relevant anymore - now that you can run Xorg on a laptop without swapping - but still fun. He has a longish history of installations, but he currently runs Debian Stretch.