There are numerous ways to contact me:

  • By XMPP (much preferred)
  • On IRC (I am strugee on Freenode, MozNet, GIMPNet, OFTC, and the W3C IRC servers)
  • By email
  • By SMS or preferably, Signal - number available upon request

If you need to communicate with me securely, use OMEMO over XMPP, Signal, or Ricochet. I accept GPG-encrypted mail but would much prefer to use something else.

If you need to send files to me and you're on Nextcloud or ownCloud, you can and should send them using my Federated Cloud ID,

Share with me via Nextcloud

You can also find me on a couple other sites/networks:

  •, which I prefer for social networking (my account syndicates to Twitter)
  • diaspora*
  • MediaGoblin, which I prefer for media sharing
  • GitHub, which (sadly) I prefer for code hosting - at least until GitLab is federated

You can also find me on Twitter and on Instagram, but you really should not do so. These networks run non-freedom-respecting network services, and so I tend to avoid them if at all possible (and you should too!). (The fact that I avoid them also means that I don't check them a lot, so they're also pretty bad ways of getting in touch.)