filter-other-days is portable to FreeBSD

I'm pleased to announce filter-other-days 1.0.1. This is a bugfix release primarily improving portability to other Unix-like operating systems; in particular, the test suite now fully passes under FreeBSD. Specifically:

  • Various portability bugs in the test suite itself were fixed - the test suite no longer relies on a GNU date (with GNU date -d semantics) or a fully-functional /dev/fd (the fallback option is named pipes), and it doesn't hardcode bash's install path as /bin/bash
  • Some non-portable uses of echo "\n" which break under BSD systems were replaced with printf invocations
  • Travis CI now checks filter-other-days with Debian's checkbashisms script, which is run in strict mode
  • Non-portable uses of test's -o option were caught by checkbashisms and replaced with ||

With these changes I expect that filter-other-days will probably run on all major BSD distributions. I intend to confirm this hypothesis soon and have filed bugs for OpenBSD and NetBSD, plus illumos just for kicks.

As with 1.0.0, you can clone filter-other-days from GitHub or you can download a (signed) tarball. Please do report any bugs you find in the release.


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