Archived projects

Projects that are either a) abandoned or b) complete but not interesting or relevant enough to be on the main projects page.

Completed projects

Is The Field Control System Down?

Once I was at an FTC event where the Field Control System was down for about two hours. While I was waiting in the stands, I bought the domain for this website, created the web page in GitHub's web interface (because I was using a tablet), and SSH'd into my server and deployed it.

Sadly I let the domain expire to save myself some money (I archived it in the Wayback Machine a day or two before). It will be missed...


EasyC is a web application that was written by me and a friend for our robotics club. Essentially, it lets builders create prototype code with a drag-and-drop interface that's reminiscent of NXT-G. (It's in the completed section because it was, at one time, complete. However, it's since broken and we haven't bothered to fix it.)

Former ongoing projects


Various PKGBUILDs I've written for the AUR. Abandoned because I no longer use Arch Linux (though it's a very fine distribution).

Incomplete projects


Python script to automatically download Arch GNU/Linux package updates without risking system breakage. Suitable for automated use with e.g. cron. Abandoned (again) because I no longer use Arch Linux.


HackVCR can be thought of as screencasts on steroids. The idea is that instead of recording raw pixels, we should record keystokes in editors and frames in browsers. Then you can programmatically decide what happens with the "screencast" - e.g. how the windows are laid out, having only one window visible (useful when nothing is happening in the browser/editor), etc.

HackVCR uses a client-server model, where the server is a daemon that runs on the user's computer and the client is an editor extension or a browser extension. It uses a custom protocol reminiscent of SMTP, and runs over a Unix socket that, by default, sits in /tmp. Currently a very basic server is mostly implemented.

School projects

These have been put into their own section because they are, frankly, mostly boring.

Texting While Driving

For a Health project, I created a PSA website on texting while driving. It's written almost completely from scratch, only using a base of HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap, and Font Awesome.

Dichotomous Key

Have you ever not known what programming language you were using? No problem. Use this hacky, buggy, over-verbose, aggressively non-DRY and overall terrible dichotomous key I built, for when we were learning about dichotomous keys in my Lab Science class.

Tidal & Wave Power

All you ever wanted to know about tidal/wave power. This site is intended as a reference, and was created for a Lab Science project with the assistance of a friend.

Boeing & Pollution

Informational website on the pollution impacts of Boeing in Washington.