Heyo, I'm Alex Jordan, also known as AJ. I'm 15, live in Washington, and cofounded Nightlight Web with my buddy Jackson. Love that guy.

Q: Shut up about yourself, do you have anything interesting to show me?

Take a look at the Services page in the navbar. Currently, no.

Note: this section is specifically aimed towards those of you who will think about accusing me of not having real content, and will make a remark about retiring to Aruba tomorrow with a bevy of supermodels.

Passions of mine

I freaking love code. I'm actually really good at theoretical programming, meaning I just know a ton of random useful stuff, mostly from Wikipedia. Like, I know about Google Web Fonts, and Firefox OS, and GTK+, and AppCache, and why you should use git, and a bunch of other things ranging from pretty dang useful to semi-useful all the way down to fascinating and useless. I'm not extremely good at practical code-writing, but I'm working on it.

On this page, I used to say that I'm a passionate Mozillian. I still consider myself a Mozillian, and occasionally flit into SUMO and Live Chat and help people, but I'm more interested in other things now, primarily GNU, operating system design (for example, Plan 9 from Bell Labs and the Mach kernel), and system administration.

I'm a vocal supporter of digital freedom. I'm strongly opposed to things like SOPA, DRM, and Restricted Boot. I'm also a proud GNU, *nix, free and libre software, and anti-Windows (I will never forgive Microsoft for IE) heretic.

Stuff I want to learn

Like I said, I love code. So here's an incomplete, unorganized list of languages that I want to learn:

...and also some languages that I've learned to varying degrees but want to learn more of:


I run a server called steevie. steevie is supposed to be a traditional UNIX server, which isn't really relevant anymore - now that you can run Xorg on a laptop without swapping - but still fun. You used to be able to reach him at, but he's currently been down since around September 2014 (more details here). I've ordered a new drive but it hasn't come yet (or I haven't installed it yet).